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Adding Flavors in a Normal Chat Conversation
_300x250_ENTalking to anybody online is like having a cup of coffee in the nearest bistro. In order to make your coffee more tasty and full of flavor, you need to add sugar or cream. Facebook chat faces could be the sugar and cream of your conversation to make it more tasty and appealing. The purpose of chat faces could be realized by the users during the conversation itself.

It’s not all the time that one has something to say in every topic being talked about while chatting. On the other hand, some people are too busy to type longer chat messages. With these kinds of common problems, list of best emoticons could be integrated in order to fill in the missing gap.

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To compensate the few words being typed while chatting, emoticons are just around the corner stressing its functionality and usefulness. Like for example, if your friend sent you a message which is very funny, you can convey your message by sending funny emoticons back. In that way, you no longer need to type a long message like “that was really hilarious” or “it’s freaking the hell of out of me, funny to death”.

When you’re in a hurry, the tendency is you type the message quickly and then hit the enter button and go. Sometimes, this kind of informal message will leave your recipient hanging too because they don’t know what you mean. With some smileys on it, they could easily understand what you are trying to convey.

If you are in a hurry and you left a short message to a friend, he or she might interpret it differently—that you might be in trouble or not in good speaking terms because the message was incomplete. With a smiley on it, the recipient can determine whether you’re angry or not. Smileys could just easily assume the emotional representation with just a single click of your mouse.

Cool smiley faces could also be an icing in a usual conversation that almost brought you to sleep. If the reader could see it, he or she will be required to be lively too. If you are making an effort in your every message to be aesthetically stunning, your correspondent will also do the same. Funny smileys can also save the dying communication. Who knows what will happen after you sent some pick up lines and funny tirades?

Online communication has so many endless possibilities. By trying out different smileys that are available, the flavor of the conversation is becoming tasty and stronger. Pick your smileys that you are comfortable using and make the online encounter long lasting. You can also experiment on other smileys by combining other keyboard characters.

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